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Donate to the Koop

If you would like to support the valuable work the Koop does in bolstering non-profits across our region, please consider giving. 

Email us at to inquire about how to donate.

Volunteer on Our Board

Every voice counts in a community! Please consider volunteering on our board. 

Contact to learn more. 

Hear directly from volunteers on community service agency boards

Nothing is more important to the health and sustainability of a non-profit agency than having qualified, enthusiastic, and community-minded people to serve on their board. The job of building a board is about more than just filling seats. It is about finding people of all ages with a diverse set of skills, backgrounds, and perspectives that promote the agency’s vision, values and purpose – not just now, but into the future.

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Bring Your Professional Experience to the Board Table.

Volunteering for a non-profit community service board is a rewarding experience for you – and your community. Featuring Nelson Community Service’s Board member.


It’s so rewarding to be part of a board, an organization, a community and larger network that works for meaningful social change.

– Marta

Make Your Journey Meaningful

The path to service through Board volunteering.

Board work enables me to amplify my voice as a seeker of social justice and speak for those whose voices often go unheard. Serving my community this way provides me with a forum for the skills that I have acquired over my lifetime.

– Phyllis

The path to service through Board volunteering, featuring Nelson CARES Board member and KBCSC Board Chair.

Give Back to the Place That Has Given So Much

Finding the time to volunteer on a social service Board.

Finding the time to volunteer on a non-profit community social service society Board, featuring Kootenay Family Place Board Chair.


I knew I had to find time to volunteer with this organization. It is so rewarding to be part of a larger community and do board work with an organization that I feel really matters to me and my kids.

– Rebecca

Enrich Yourself, Enrich Your Community

Volunteering for a Board can enrich you and your community.

Being on a board makes my life so much richer [and] more importantly board work makes our community much richer.

– Kiara

Volunteering for a non-profit community social service board can enrich you – and your community, featuring Kutenai Art Therapy Institute’s Board Chair.

Keep it Close to the Heart

Bring your activism to the Board table.

Bring your energy and activism to your local community service agency, featuring Freedom Quest Youth Service’s volunteer Board member.


This board is an extension of my days as an activist. It keeps me contributing to and organizing around issues that have always been near and dear to my heart.

– Kathy

Grow Your Community, Grow Yourself

The importance of showing up and contributing to your community.

The well-being of the individuals in our community depends on us to show up consistently, to me serving on non-profit boards such as our local Community Services Association is a secondary career to the one that pays my bills.

– Neil

The importance of “showing up” and contributing to your community by volunteering on your local community service agency board, featuring North Kootenay Lake Community Service’s Board members.

Interested in Volunteering?

Are you interested in contributing to your community, learning new skills, and networking professionally and personally?

Join our board or consider making a donation to our organization!