Shared Web Services

KBCSC has partnered with PathWise Solutions to offer members a Shared Web Services (SWS, or “Swoosh”) program that addresses the ongoing maintenance and support gap member agencies often face with their web and digital systems. SWS goes beyond basic support to include consultation, training, and creative services to allow SWS members’ websites and tools to evolve with their agency and the needs of the communities they serve.

Swoosh Support
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Book a 20 minute meeting to discuss an issue or opportunity! Office Hours is a benefit available to KBCSC SWS members, and can be used to discuss, consult, learn or even to troubleshoot minor issues:

Sharepoint Metadata and Libraries Tutorial (March 28, 2022)

File Management Tips for Nonprofit Agencies (March 31, 2021)

Tips and tricks for managing your files. Whether you use cloud storage, MS 365, or network shares there are ways to name, organize, manage, secure, and share files and folders that help you locate what you need easily, and others that get in the way. This KBCSC Swoosh webinar looks at several techniques that will help you organize your files more effectively. The webinar is helpful for doing spring cleaning on an existing file and document management system, or in preparation for migration to SharePoint, OneDrive or anything else.

PDF: File Management Webinar Slides


SWS Services

SWS includes the following core services:

  1. On-Demand Support – Six hours of on-demand technical, content and creative support for your web and digital projects is available to all program members. These support hours renew annually, and can be used as needed.
  2. Weekly Safety Backups – Weekly website backups. These backups are securely stored off-site on our Canadian servers, and offer an additional ‘line of defence’ in addition to your hosting service backups. 
  3.  Weekly Office Hours – Technical, content and creative consultation is available on a weekly basis, in the form of bookable 15 minute appointments during ‘Office Hours’ times. Office hours sessions are one-on-one Zoom calls that address a specific agency’s issue or concern. Examples of typical sessions might be a consultation and recommendations on how to handle a new feature an Agency wants to add to their site, or a quick fix of a content formatting issue by talking it through together in a Zoom screen-share.
  4. Monthly Skills Webinars – These one-hour long webinars focus on a specific applicable skill or tool each month, and are intended to build internal capacity so Agency staff can operate your sites and digital services efficiently and confidently. Webinar topics in the first year might include web and social media integration, online form-building, optimizing video for the web, Google Analytics reporting, or any other topic requested by SWS members. Past webinars will remain available to members to watch any time.
  5. Emergency Support Service – A site being hacked or going down unexpectedly can be very damaging to an Agency. Emergency support is available to all member agencies, to ensure that your site is rapidly brought back online.
  6. Professional Video Hosting – SWS members have access to a dedicated professional-level Vimeo video hosting account that allows your videos to be shared in an ad-free environment and embedded in your website. 

In addition to the core services above, the optional services including web hosting, web design and development, site migrations to new technologies and additional web support can be added on by any member agency. All are offered at a significant discount to their normal costs.

We are happy to listen to KBCSC member feedback, learn about your emerging needs, and evolve and adapt the SWS program to support you in the most helpful ways possible.

Next Steps

If you are interested in joining this innovative program to help KBCSC member agencies support and enhance your websites, build digital capacity in your organization, and learn new online tools and techniques, contact to find out more. SWS costs only $720 a year, and is available to any KBCSC member agency.

SWS Program Members

Agencies that have already joined the SWS program include Kootenay Kids Society, Kootenay Family Place, Family Action Network, Salmo Community Services, Nelson Community Services, and the KBCSC itself.