Kootenay Boundary

What Are Community Social Services?

Community. How do we define it? How do we create it?

Common hopes, shared support, caring – most would agree these are threads that make the essential fabric of our communities. And when caring and support networks are strong, so are children, families and individuals.

Community Social Services play a vital role in contributing to this essential fabric, whether through family development, youth programming, aid to vulnerable neighbours or community planning.

Social Services Non-profits are not only there to address challenges that test families and individuals such as marriage break ups, addiction or job loss, they are proactive in working side by side with neighbours to ensure collective and individual well-being and health. Look behind your local community garden, pre-school program or poverty reduction strategy and you will undoubtedly find a local Community Social Services Non-profit moving these initiatives forward.

Compassion, commitment, vision – these words define each of the several hundred Community Social Services Organizations serving the Columbia Basin.

We are pleased to provide this Community Information  Kit to help you learn more about the important contributions Community Social Services Organizations make to our communities.