Kootenay Boundary

Kootenay Kids Society

The Kootenay Kids Society in Nelson provides services and programs designed to help parents give their children the best start possible.

We are a community based non-profit society focusing on the early years, with programs serving the needs of children, parents and caregivers through education, support and childcare centres.


We are children, youth, adults and seniors. We are of all races, all religions, all cultures, all abilities, all sexual orientation, and all economic levels. We speak many languages. We value diversity. We endeavour to reflect this diversity in our volunteers, board and staff. We respect all our neighbours and clients and extend our respect to them in all that we do. We embrace all types of families. Therefore, we will act to promote inclusion of all in our agency and in our community.

For more information, please see our website or call us at 250 352-6678.

Our office is located at 312 Silica Street, Nelson, BC  V1L 4M5.